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Vitamin E, Mix Tocopherols

OrthoMolecular Products

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If you have been taking regular vitamin E, you have been cheating yourself. Vitamin E in nature is not just alpha-tocopherol as found in most supplements. Vitamin E is found as a mixture of different tocopherols including the beta, delta, and gamma forms. This product is a natural mixed tocopherols formulation that will very soon become the standard in Vitamin E supplementation. The story of vitamin E is kind of interesting in that the name "tocopherol", meaning "to give life" comes from the fact that early studies showed that when rats were not given the "alpha" form they did not give live births. This effect was not seen with the other "delta, gamma, and beta" forms. Thus, these scientists concluded that these other fractions were unimportant even though all vitamin E found in nature contains mixtures of these substances. Now studies are showing that these other fractions indeed do impart powerful benefits when taken together. This product is unique from other mixed tocopherrol vitamin E supplements because it only contains vitamin E oil. Others contain soy or other filler oils which can damage the vitamin E over time! If you have heart or brain function concerns I strongly urge you to consider taking this product.



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