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SuperNutes Chewables

OrthoMolecular Products

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SuperNutes is a great tasting, natural strawberry-kiwi flavored children's multivitamin and mineral supplement with all the most important vitamin and mineral components needed for a growing child. Besides having a solid scientific formulation of the highest quality professional-grade vitamins, SuperNutes also contains generous doses of industry leading Albion® minerals, setting SuperNutes in a class by itself when compared with other children’s multivitamins. Some of you will notice that this product contains natural sugar and may be concerned due to the fact that you  may restrict sugars in you child's diet. The amount of sugar they get in two SuperNutes is less than they would get in one small bite of an apple! Not the whole apple but one small bite! Thus, this product is great even for kids on a sugar restricted diet. The reason for using natural sugar is simply that it tastes better and makes it easier for you to get you child to take the vitamin.




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