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St. John's Wort


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Recent studies have suggested that St. Johns Wort is as effective as prescription drugs in relieving mild to moderate depressions, but with less side effects. This herb can cause your body to get rid of toxins quicker which is why it can have interactions with other drugs. It actually helps your body get rid of these drugs at a quicker rate. The problem is that the reduction of a drug in your blood may cause it not to work as expected. So, if the drug is birth control, you may become pregnant. My suggestion is not to take St. Johns Wort with prescription drugs. If you are not on any prescriptions, by all means give it a try. This is a high quality, standardized form of this herb. St. Johns Wort also has beneficial effects for the immune system as it can act as an anti-viral. Consider also taking the serotonin amino acid precursor 5-HTP for maximum effect.




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