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Soft Tissue Pak

OrthoMolecular Products

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Injury causes inflammation, pain, and muscle spasm. Control of these factors promotes quick healing. Have a Soft Tissue Support Pak in the waiting to help with back pain, disc pain, or any type of injury causing muscle spasm and pain. This product contains high quality Proteolytic enzymes which work by helping your body get rid of damaged materials quickly. To best describe the benefits of Proteolytic (Protein-cutting) enzymes think about getting a splinter in your finger. If you take it out quickly you will heal faster with less inflammation and pain. If you do not, your body will eventually get rid of the splinter but it will take a lot longer. The Soft Tissue Pak also contains the strong anti-inflammatories Vitamin C, Tumeric, Quercetin, and Bromelain; along with a blend of herbs that promote muscle relaxation. The Soft Tissue Support Pak provides three days of support in convenient and easy-to-take packets.




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