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Dr. Zimmer's 7 Blend Good Bacteria

OrthoMolecular Products

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Probiotic supplements are live cultures of what we commonly refer to as good bacteria. Since they are live cultures, product freshness becomes a top priority. This product is GUARANTEED to contain at least 20 billion live organisms per capsule without refrigeration by the expiration date. The actual count is closer to 30 billion! Unlike most products that only contain one or two species of bacteria, my product contains 7 different species of organisms including the Candida fighter Saccharomyces boulardii! I cannot emphasis enough how important it is to take a guaranteed high quality probiotic when you are attempting to promote better digestive function. DO NOT buy cheap internet or store-bought probiotics!

*It is important to NOT take probiotics with food as stomach acid and bile kill bacteria. Wait at least 45 minutes after taking a dose of probiotics to eat or 2 hours after eating a good sized meal. This is why I suggest taking your dosages either right before bedtime or first thing in the morning.


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